Need a ticketing system to better manage your visitors, right now? Considering setting up a livestream or a drive-in event?

Then don’t hesitate, and pick Ticketmaster’s Universe!

Universe is the all-round solution for no frills ticket sales.
Here is a small selection of its many attractions:

  • Ticketing with time slots and capacity management
  • Extensive reporting capabilities, that can be personalized
  • Communication platform enabling smooth customer contact
  • Simultaneous sales via Facebook and your own website!
  • When streaming a show, you can provide paying fans with the streaming link one hour in advance
  • Very efficient ways to introduce price reductions for target groups
  • Flexibility : adjust your event page in real time, and enjoy the benefits from the integration of external partners, such as Salesforce, WordPress and MailChimp.

Universe hands you the miracle solution, when you need to act fast but do not wish to skimp on quality.
You would organize an event for the mere pleasure of using Universe!

CASE: Quickly setting up a ticketing system for Wiels Contemporary Art Centre.

When the National Security Council decided that museums – provided they offered an on-line ticketing system – could once again receive visitors, Universe turned out to be a godsend.

It took but a short time to brief Universe on the essentials of what Wiels needed: the various price types, prices, total capacity, and the opening hours.

We created a sample day, and copied that through the beginning of June.

Three hours later, the first two hundred tickets had already been sold. Not bad for an art centre that had never before sold a single on-line ticket, right?

View the ticketing system developed for Wiels – Contemporary Art Centre here .
Smart tip: getting a ticket is not a waste of your money: the exhibition is highly recommended.

Contact us here to discuss your ticketing project on Universe.