Applies to Ticketmaster and Universe platforms.

It’s more important than ever to know exactly who is at your event.

We’ve always known the identity of the ticket buyer who would traditionally pass the tickets to friends and family before the event or show the tickets collectively at the door.

Digital Tickets on the Ticketmaster platform allows the buyer to transfer a ticket with ease from their Ticketmaster account to their guest’s Ticketmaster account, meaning every attendee can have their own ticket on their smartphone on entry.

This helps the event organiser gain information on exactly who is attending their event, rather than just those who bought the tickets and can contact them if needed.

86% of fans want to be able to transfer their tickets.

Ticketmaster Brand Survey

It also minimises contact with friends or family who have bought or gifted a ticket to the attendee, as they can receive the ticket digitally through their Ticketmaster account and present it themselves at the door.

The digital ticket will be transferred to the new buyer’s Ticketmaster account, so you’ll know exactly who they are and how to contact them if needed.

If you’re selling tickets on Universe all tickets are digital, and you can also allow fans to transfer tickets from their Universe account to another with ease.

You’ll capture the new attendees details in the process so you can contact them if you need to.

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