The Ticketmaster Gift Card
An experience for everyone.

You want to give a gift that you’re sure someone hasn’t got yet? Surprise your (business) relationship, customer or employee with an unforgettable evening to look forward to. At Ticketmaster, the recipient can choose from thousands of events.

5 voorbeelden van een goede fanervaring bij Ticketmaster

Live is something you have to experience!


  • The Gift Card is valid for 24 months
  • For small and large budgets, from €10 to €250
  • Choose from thousands of events, for young and old
  • In a hurry? Then choose the digital Gift Card! This can also be personalised
  • The amount can be spent in parts or at once, regardless of the value of the card
  • Special occasion? Have the Gift Card designed in your look & feel

Gift Card recipients…
Very Important People

A small envelope can lead you to that one legendary concert you will be talking about for years. Because you were there! Made possible by the generous giver. We can design the Gift Card and luxury packaging in your style, especially for the occasion. The icing on the cake.

Also for your inbox…
Digital Gift Card

No time to wait for the mailman? Then the digital Ticketmaster Gift Card is ideal.

You can add a personal message to your digital Gift Card. You can then send the Gift Cards yourself to a large number of addresses or let us do it for you. We’ll be happy to help you.

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Frequently asked questions

Where can I spend the Ticketmaster Gift Card?

With a Ticketmaster Gift Card, the recipient of the Gift Card chooses a ticket of their choice on With thousands of events on the website every day, there’s plenty to choose from.

I want to order Gift Cards for my company for a Christmas gift. What are the possibilities?

Nice! We have several options. Send the gift card digitally or physically in a Ticketmaster envelope or luxury gift box. It’s also possible to place your own design on the gift card and/or luxury packaging. This makes your gift more personal than ever! The ideal way to add a personal touch to your Christmas box!

I want to give gift cards as soon as possible. When can you deliver?

Business orders outside of our webshop are subject to consultation. Digital Gift Cards  can be sent quickly, possibly even today.

Can I have the Gift Card sent directly to the recipient(s)?

Digital Gift Cards can be sent directly to the recipient, there is no limit. The direct delivery of physical Gift Cards is subject to negotiation.

How do I order and send a digital Gift Card?

You can follow the ordering process through our webshop and for business orders you specify your requirements. We will send you an invoice and you can then send the Gift Cards yourself to a large number of addresses at once or leave the sending to us. Please contact us for more information.

How to activate the Ticketmaster Gift Card?

You don’t have to do that yourself. The Gift Card are activated by us before they are issued.